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Throughout Tim's music career, he has developed a passion for the voiceover industry. While focusing on a full time music career, breaking Guinness records, performing abroad and obtaining a Bachelor degree in music production from Full Sail University, Tim Storms has voiced commercials for several businesses and individuals such as, Bellco Credit Union of Colorado, a live event for Merrill Osmond, of the Osmonds, hosted by John Schneider, industrial videos, an ad for ESPN 360 and several other spots.

For Most of his life, Tim Storms has been involved in Christian a cappella music in one way or another. He was blessed to be able to tour abroad with Christian a cappella groups to Jamaica, Brazil, France, Switzerland and Fiji. As a low bass singer, Tim was often told he should break the Guinness World Record for Lowest Note Produced by a Human. In October of 2000, Tim Storms did exactly that. His first Guinness record, set in 2000, was entered into the 2006 Guinness Book of World Records. Again, in 2008, Tim broke his own Guinness record and also broke the record for Widest Vocal Range for Any Human, putting his vocal range at 10 octaves. Yet again, in 2012, Tim reclaimed his Guinness record by vibrating his vocal cords to just over 7 octaves below the piano, setting the record at G-7 (.189 Hz).

In 2012, after winning an international bass vocalist talent search via Decca Records, Tim Storms learned several songs in Russian, then travelled to St. Petersburg, Russia to record with the St. Petersburg Chamber Choir. He was blessed to meet and work with the talented composer, Paul Mealor, who has composed music for UK's Royal Family, the St. Petersburg Chamber Choir, etc. Later in 2012, Tim took part in a promotional tour for the album's release via several radio and TV interviews in London and Australia. Following one of his first interviews, London based voice talent agency, Another Tongue, took Tim on as an unsigned voiceover artist.

In 2013, Tim was asked to star in a short film called Apotome, which took place in the archives of the Musee d'Histoire Naturelle (the Museum of Natural History) in Paris, France. Since he can produce frequencies well below human hearing, the short film producers gave Tim one month to learn, record and edit several songs in French at frequencies well below human hearing. They wanted an abstract feel, as the film was conceptual performance art based. The film premiered at the Festival d'Automne A Paris (The Paris Autumn Festival) and exhibited in other museums and art galleries throughout Paris and Milan, as well as Philadelphia and and Los Angeles, June of 2014.

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